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The Situation

Students often encounter a situation, where they would need a Recommendation Letter, especially when they have to submit the necessary documents to the University in order to study abroad. They often wanted it to be written by their previous profesor (but because of the lack of the time constraints, these professors have with them) they tend to encourage the students to write it themselves or make the draft written by professional writers and further could be brought to a signature attested.

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The Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is one among the many prerequisites that the prospective University requires when a student applies for the study at the University abroad and the document might be considered for MS, Ph.D etc. The LOR is considered to be one of the most significant documents concerning the application process and tends to become the deciding factor for your acceptance in an institution that you wish to apply for.

In a typical sense, The LOR is basically a document which is being issued by your professor, project guide which testifies his tutelage with you in the past. The document is specifically drafted by them, which specifies your credibility with reference to your experience, skills, expertise and of course your achievements.

One can say that, “A well-drafted LOR can eventually turn up as a good recommender for your application process, which can enable you to stand-out among the other applicants, with reference to your persona, academic and professional performance.