In the pursuit of taking the admissions in the overseas Universities, the aspiring students need to get into a complete documentation pertaining to the academics. In this context, the Statement of Purpose (SOP) and The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are the most important and critical documents in the life of a student when he aspires to study overseas. These documents are absolutely required for the proces

Shreyas Studio, is always ready to support the students in this endeavor, and we get into the following academics:

The intriguing fact is, “That for an online onlooker, an average span of his specific search would just end with 3-4 seconds”. This impeccably implies that it would precisely take only 4 seconds for a user to get enticed with a particular web page content and then to convert as a potential customer.

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Getting yourself admitted to your dream institution overseas requires skills much beyond your academic qualification.


Technical Writing is a specialized area of content writing which requires converting technical jargon of a specific product or to a simple, readable and user-friendly format for the end-users.

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Marketing collaterals have been considered very significant for most businesses as they become instrumental in showcasing your products and services to the prospects. It is indeed very important to carefully plan and engage experienced marketing collateral writers who could help create ripples in your business and spread brand awareness.

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